Mission Trips

Mission Trip 2014

Thank you for praying for our July 2014 short-term mission trip to Honduras with BMDMI. Many of you have asked for a summary of not only our trip in general, and what is next for our family.

BMDMI: Mayfield Mission Team 2014

BMDMI: Mayfield Mission Team 2014

Todd and I loved traveling with a team from Temple Baptist Church to serve with BMDMI (www.BMDMI.com). Many In Central America lack the basics of food, shelter, medical/dental care, and education. Our week started with an early flight where we eventually landed in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Now anyone who has ever flown into this airport knows what an experience that is in itself. This landing helps you focus on your prayer time quickly, as you are landing on what is not only one of the shortest runways but it also is in the mountains.

From there we ate dinner and then traveled to the BMDMI Mission Home to prepare for a few days in the village of Las Crucitas, Honduras. Traveling by automobile in Honduras is just exciting as landing at the airport. I mean who knew you could go 4 wide on a two lane road while taking a curve around a mountain — well, it’s perfectly fine as long as you are honking your horn. I have to say that our bus drivers had to be some of the best in the world.

Many gathered before we unloaded our trucks excited for medical assistance.

I experienced Honduras from walking the dusty roads of Las Crucitas to riding by bus down the chaotic streets of Tegucigalpa, from giving out new shoes or glasses to someone in need to giving an encouraging smile to someone who is having a tooth pulled, from handing out toys and stuffed animals to singing songs and playing games with the children,and from praising God during tent services on the soccer field to real life conversations with cowboys on their farms. We lived closer to the earth than most of us are accustomed to—sleeping on thin hard mattresses, taking cold showers, and such, but I was served delicious food grown and prepared with love. Working with the local people was just awe-inspiring. How great is the love of God!

The beauty of this trip was to know the answer to ‘who is my neighbor?’ I feel really connected to all I met. I must admit seeing God’s children in such poverty is heartbreaking. Providing a new pair of shoes or reading glasses, giving out a month’s supply of medicine, playing spontaneous games of soccer with the kids—sometimes seemed insufficient, especially in the wake of such tremendous need. The medicine will run out, the glasses will break, another tooth will ache but we must remember that the true gift of Jesus will remain. Letting them know that they are known and loved by the One who can use you to transcend language and cultural barriers, to bring hope and spiritual awakening to those who desperately need your help.


After our time in the village, we took an afternoon to visit the Good Shepherd Children’s Home. Here they not only receive the basic necessities of life like food, clothing, shelter, education but lots of love. These children stole my heart. The next day Todd and I were able to visit the Boys Transition Home in the city. This home was started to help these young adults from the children’s home learn to live on their own and provide for themselves. These two trips were important to me and Todd because we have a heart for these children and aiding them; especially the young men, in growing into not only productive citizens but Christian men and fathers.

Our visit to the Children's Home and then the Transition Home in the city.

This leads me into the question many of you are asking. Yes, this trip was God’s way of confirming that the Moody Family is to serve Him in Honduras. We would love to be a part of BMDMI. This week we are completing additional paper work. The next big step will be appearing before the board. Our prayer is that we will be able to do this in September. Assuming all goes well then, we would become candidates for the mission field. We would start our prayer and fundraising support. Once the proper funding is provided, we would spend about a year in language school in Costa Rica and then on our way to Honduras.

We look forward to providing you with more details of our plans and dreams as they become available. But for now, we do ask that you keep our family in your prayers as we strive to serve our Lord where ever we are.


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