BMDMI, Honduras, Missioni68

Welcome to Honduras!!

We took off bright and early from the airport with a wonderful send off of friends and family.

We landed around lunch and were greeted by a few of our BMDMI friends  here. We ate lunch at a yummy local restaurant in Tegucigalpa where I was sure to sample the hot sauce and pico de gallo.

We then rode less than two hours to our new home as we attend language school. We love our home and are trying to settle into it. We will only be in this home during language school. We are unsure how much longer it will be until our boxes arrive from cargo ship.

Today we ventured out on our own. Driving or riding in Honduras is an adventure in itself. We visited the language school, ate at Wendy’s, and went to Maxi Despensa (which is owned by Walmart).

 Above are a few of our purchases today from “WalMart” – water stand/dispenser, garlic sauce, hot sauce, vanilla and coffee.

Later tonight we are going to attend an English church service which is being started up by another family from Mississippi – we actually have friends in the States in common.  We are excited to meet them and others.

One day soon we will think our first night was comical; since, at dark after a light rain, we found the inside of our home swarmed with termites (walls are of brick – yea! ). So, we are wondering what tonight will bring!

Feel free to let us know of any specific questions or things you are curious about. We are still learning.

God is good!


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