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Jamberry Honduras Fundraiser



I just wanted to  invite you to my ONLINE Honduras Fundraiser that ends January 21st. I’m trying to earn some free Jamberry stuff to give to other missionaries and to my Honduran friends. You might wonder why I thought manicures and pedicures would be a great. It is much different than my other posts of feeding and loving on children in need. Well, we all love to feel pampered. This a not a common experience for most of the women and young women I will be working with in Honduras. They love helping each other with their hair and nails. We all know that it’s not what is on the outside that matters, but we also know what it’s like to have a girl’s day to have our nails done (or whatever you and your friends like to do) and how refreshing that can be. I want to be able to give a smile to some of the Honduran / Missionary ladies that help our ministry and the teenage girls at our children’s home from time to time. But more than getting pampered, for me it’s an avenue for these various ladies to let me take time to get to know them, to create relationships, and share about the our savior. I hope you can join us and I know you find something you like too. Rachel is donating all of her commission to us as well as giving us the hostess rewards for the ladies. If everyone I invited bought just 1 Jamberry lacquer or wrap for themselves for $15, Rachel would be able to donate over $2,000 to us in a check and the Jamberry products we would get as hostess rewards would be over $2,000 worth of products as well! So this is a pretty big deal to me! Would you consider purchasing one item? Her website is Pick something you’d like (the wraps are fun and stylish and the lacquer is better for you and coats SO WELL! and both are $15) and choose my fundraiser at the end of checkout! Would you consider purchasing one item today?

Also, a few people have asked if they could order products.  Yes, you can.  Just contact me and I will send you the address to have the shipped to!

We are returning to Honduras on Thursday the 21st, but any orders made by the end of the party will be delivered to Honduras in February. Thanks so much.

Blessings, friend! – Katie


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