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Hola Honduras – update

Thank you for all your prayers. 

It’s great to be back at #GSCH. We had a great welcoming (lots of smiles and hugs) and a delicious dinner.
 It was a two day adventure to get here due to delays and technical issues with our plane but we made it with all our luggage. 

We have started organizing and settling into our new home. So much to unpack. 

Last night we were able to visit the boy’s transition home in Tegucigalpa.  It’s was great to see these young men again and catch up on what they have been doing. 

Yesterday was also Dia de Mujer (Day of the woman); therefore, I had lots of extra hugs and appreciation. How fun!?!

Today I was shown how it (shopping for #GSCH) was done! Wow! It was a great day in Teguc. While I was out shopping Todd and the boys put a items (like a futon, shelves, etc) together for our home. 

We are excited to see what is next. 

#BMDMI #morethanmedicine #missionarylife #Honduras #honduraslife 


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