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Be A Sidekick Campaign



Every day at GSCH is pretty awesome because we get to spend it with Super Heroes. Every kid here at GSCH has a story and every story is different. Like most super heroes, the odds have been stacked against them. There are supernatural forces battling to keep them from rising up and overcoming those odds. Our kids, our Heroes, are not giving up the fight and neither are we. Will you join us?

Join the Fight Today



“Hugs were invented to let someone know you love them without saying a word.”  Dany, age 2, gives amazing hugs.  We all need hugs from someone we care about each day, someone who has our back.  Would you consider being Dany’s sidekick and maybe one day you can come visit Dany for one of his Superhuman Hugs?  Click to learn more about how you can stand beside Dany and fight for his future today. #BeASidekick #GSCH #GiveHope #OurSuperHeroes  #SuperHeroes



There’s a sparkle in her eye when she sees someone she trusts and a little smile peaks out.  Valery, age 2 is quite shy when new people are around but once you get to know her there is such emotion behind her beautiful brown eyes.  She can change the world and we hope that one day she sees that others are fighting by her side.  Will you be her sidekick and let her know there are others fighting for her future?  Click to learn more about how you can stand beside Valery and fight for her future today. #BeASidekick #GSCH #GiveHope #OurSuperHeroes  #SuperHeroes


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