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Lazaro, A Rice Bowls short film

“The day I arrived at the children’s home, I knew what I’d find… disappointment. But instead, I found love.”


Many of you have heard us talk about Lazaro and how special he is to our family.  He is part of our transition program while he works on his education and works on the GSCH farm. Watch the true story of his journey from street kid to cowboy made by Rice Bowls’ staff. Click here to watch this video now.

Learn more about our transition program and the Jeremiah House by clicking here.

If you would like to donate to Lazaro’s education, you may do so buy donating through sponsorship (click here) or the general fund of The Jeremiah House (click here and select boys transition home from the drop box).




This film is starring cute Willian as Lazaro. Willian lives at Good Shepherd Children’s Home in Honduras.






Thank you Rice Bowls for all that you do to feed children around the world! Especially those close to our hearts in Honduras!

You can learn more about Rice Bowls by visiting their website.



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