Prayer Requests

Your partnership through prayer is our life line for winning the world for him! Praying is something that all of us can do,  and it is a way we can participate in the greatest work that God has given us!

(Updated May 2017)


     Prayer Requests >>>

  •  Pray our family and extended family as we mourn the unexpected loss of a very loved family member. 
  • Praise and prayers for the new foster child we have in our home. She is a doll. 
  • Prayer for Todd’s cousin who is being treated for cancer. 
  •  Prayer for Todd’s father who is under hospice care for cancer. 
  •  Prayer for the young fathers we are ministering to each week that they may grow to be Christian leaders of their families.
  • Praise for the short-term teams that we will be working with over the next few weeks. May the show Christ in everything the do. 
  • Praise and Pray for 2 of our young men who have started university this month. And continued prayers for our other students. 
  • For all the ministries of BMDMI and the people of Honduras.


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2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests”

  1. Dear Brother/ SIster,
    Praise the Lord,
    My mother KALAWATI V. NAVGIRE is suffering from OVARIAN CANCER. Due to unwanted excess growth of ovaries in stomach, it pressed and blocked almost rectum and excretory system. On 3rd July 2017, she is undergoing 3rd cycle of Chemotherapy to shrink enlarged ovaries so that it can operate out by surgery. I am sure that your prayer can save the life of my mother.
    So I am requesting you to please pray for FAST SHRINKING OF OVARIES for earlier surgery to save the life of my mother in your SUNDAY CHURCH SERVICE and personal prayer.
    Thanking you.

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