Prayer Requests

Your partnership through prayer is our life line for winning the world for him! Praying is something that all of us can do,  and it is a way we can participate in the greatest work that God has given us!

(Updated May 2017)


     Prayer Requests >>>

  •  Pray our family and extended family as we mourn the unexpected loss of a very loved family member. 
  • Praise and prayers for the new foster child we have in our home. She is a doll. 
  • Prayer for Todd’s cousin who is being treated for cancer. 
  •  Prayer for Todd’s father who is under hospice care for cancer. 
  •  Prayer for the young fathers we are ministering to each week that they may grow to be Christian leaders of their families.
  • Praise for the short-term teams that we will be working with over the next few weeks. May the show Christ in everything the do. 
  • Praise and Pray for 2 of our young men who have started university this month. And continued prayers for our other students. 
  • For all the ministries of BMDMI and the people of Honduras.


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