Jeremiah House Honduras


The Jeremiah House, a personal ministry of Todd and Katie Moody, provides resources and guidance to young men in Honduras who have no family support or opportunities available during their critical time of transition into adulthood; especially to those young men who are transitioning out of children’s homes and orphanages.

By providing young men with safe housing, educational scholarships, job training, and discipleship, it is our hope that more young men will choose to seek out and follow the life God has planned for them rather than a life in the streets. We believe that education and discipleship are the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty that impacts so many young men and families in Honduras.

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 Creating a Better Honduras: Why We Do It

The Jeremiah House began to train and teach young adult men to be independent Christians in all aspects of their life.  Our hope is that by using education and life skills we will work with these young me to decrease the cycle of poverty that is so prevalent in Honduras.  By molding responsible, hardworking, and well educated adults we are preparing and educating the future of Honduras.

Since institutionalized children move out of the foster care / orphanage systems at age 18, this is an important time to help these young men become independent, productive adults.  We are working with them to help them learn the life skills (cooking, opening a bank account, using transportation, living safely, etc..),  the type of education (vocational, high school, university), Bible studies & spiritual development, and education family values & relationships needed to be a successful adult.

As advocates for the young men at the Jeremiah House, it’s important that we create a plan to shepherd these young men we serve into independent adult life. For us it’s important that we provide parental guidance to these young people we serve and love.  These life skills should not be looked at as a privilege for those blessed enough to have parents but as a human right for all kids.