A personal ministry of ours providing training materials and resources to churches to better train disciples of Christ.


While working with multiple brigades in 2016 God put it on our hearts to begin a program of Discipleship Training in the villages. By working with Team Captains and the local pastors, we are sending discipleship trainers out to the villages ahead of the teams so that when the teams arrive in the villages they are met by a group of Christ followers who have been through at least 12 weeks of training in how to make disciples. We hope this leads to more church participation and evangelization while teams are in country.

In 2016 we started our training in three villages and are adding one additional village already in 2017. In addition we have over 15 pastors who are teaching the materials in their churches.  While we prefer that this be a ministry led by church members we understand that in some cases it’s just not possible.  We hope to get more buy in from the team captains who want to see this training take place in the villages they will be traveling to. The cost of providing the resources and trainers is prohibitive at this time but once the villages have been trained the ongoing cost of discipleship training in their communities is minimal.

We are seeing the fruits of our labor as this year we have multiple 2nd generation discipleship groups formed and led by those who went through the discipleship courses last year.