Meet Our Guys

Currently we have 9 young men officially in our program, but only 6 living full-time in our home where we also live.  One of the young man travels into the city on the weekend for school, while the other two live with family members.  In addition, we also have various other youth and young adults (both male and female) that we help with only different educational fees and supplies which vary every year. 

We are so proud of all our young men, and we are excited to be helping them each day!

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Erick Ariel has been accepted into medical school at the private Catholic university here in Tegucigalpa starting in the summer. Until school starts, he is working as a translator with BMDMI village teams and learning as much from the US doctors that come to meet the medical needs of the people of Honduras. He is a well mannered young man who puts 100% in everything he does.  He is also saving money to start a business to provide jobs for his older brothers.



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Dennis is continuing to work on his computer engineering degree at a university here in Tegucigalpa. His studies take up most of his time, and his study habits are a great example to the others in the home.  He hopes to finish school in another 2 or 3 years




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Lazaro is enrolled in an adult education program that allows him to earn his high school degree in one year.  He is focused on all the homework and projects that he needs to do to make good grades.  His goal is to do what it takes to get into an agriculture university next year and to be able to work again with a farm and animals, which is his passion.



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Cristian Samuel completed his high school career in December of 2017.  This semester he is working as a translator with BMDMI village teams to help spread God’s love around his country.  He has plans to being attending university to study law in May.  In his spare time, he can be found at the local soccer field and running.



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Marvin moved from GSCH in January 2017.  He is working hard to complete his high school career in December of this year.  He is also planning on attending a vocational program for mechanics, because he is very interested in learning to work on cars.  Marvin is quickly learning to be more independent in the city, and his a big help around the home.  After high school, Marvin would like to attend university in the US if possible.



Sponsor Armando Now!

Armando is living with his mother and family, including a sister that grew up with him at GSCH.  He is attending 9th grade at a private high school about 30 minutes from his home, and working each day after school. Though he did live in the Jeremiah home last year, we all decided that living with his family is a great opportunity for him to begin learning more responsibility for himself.



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Sponsor Josther Now!

Josther, at the end of 2016, was being reintegrated out of GSCH and began living with his Aunt and cousins.  Though it is great that he is living with family, we want to keep up with his transition.  After meeting his family, we found out that his Aunt is struggling supporting multiple teenage family members. Therefore, we have agreed to help meet all educational needs of Josther to not only provide for his future but to be there to help encourage him.



Sponsor Alexander Now!

Alexander is a son of one of the Tias at GSCH.  He is a young father who is looking to make a good life for his new baby girl, but he did not have the resources to take care of his family and pay for school/transportation.  Therefore this semester, he is traveling to our home on the weekends to take a motorcycle repair course at a good vocational school, and he hopes to start university in the fall to become a math teacher.  He and Wilson have been a great balance for our home to teach the others about family responsibilities and expectations.



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Wilson is a son of one of the Tias from GSCH.  Last year, he was riding the bus for four hours each day to attend a public university in Tegucigalpa because he could not afford to live in the city in a safe area. The cost of riding the bus each day was a burden on his family so this year, he is living in our home during the week and working hard to complete his degree in Business Information System.  He and Alexander have been a great balance for our home to teach the others about family responsibilities and expectations.